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Along the complete product life cycle

In the future all aspects of mobility must become more sustainable and contribute to climate protection. Therefore, rather than focussing on just one area, FEV considers the complete picture – starting with the battery system, then the vehicle and finally the charging infrastructure. As part of these activities, FEV develops technical solutions and drives new standards for batteries. However, the development of innovative energy storage systems still faces major challenges, such as limited production capacities for battery cells, the demand for higher energy densities, the absolute need for battery safety, which is often at odds with product costs and business cases, and the availability of production and testing partners.

FEV has been an independent and global one-stop partner for both low- and high-voltage batteries since 2007; developing, assembling and testing battery systems throughout their entire life cycle. The company’s engineers have extensive knowledge in this field, from innovative battery cell chemistry to production, including the industrialization process. This experience contributes to increased efficiencies that greatly reduce costs and development cycle times. FEV has many years of in-depth experience in battery packs and BMS development from innovation to series product. The company finds the ideal solution, from modular approaches and standard parts, to precisely-tailored production-ready results.

In this online seminar on June 23 developed for industry professionals our experts will highlight several key aspects of battery development and validation. Among others topics will include the main challenges and current development trends as well as the integration into the vehicle. In addition, this seminar will explain how to develop safe, robust and cost-efficient designs while considering manufacturability, recycling and aftersales of batteries. Attendees will be given an expert overview on BMS algorithm development for thermal propagation detection and prevention, as well as guidance for battery validation based on FEV’s own comprehensive validation process. Last but not least an idea on repurposing batteries to promote further sustainability will be provided. The goal is to reduce development time and costs, while at the same time ensuring high-quality, reliable and sustainable outcomes.


Date: 23 June 2021

Time: 13:00-15:20 Paris (CEST) | 7:00-9:20 New York City (EDT) | 19:00-21:20 Beijing (CST)


Dr. Michael Stapelbroek, Vice President Electronics and Electrification at FEV Europe GmbH

12:50 – Login Phase

13:00 – Welcome

13:05 – Challenges in Battery Development – Current Trends and Battery Integration into the Vehicle

Speaker: Dr. Michael Stapelbroek, Vice President Electronics and Electrification at FEV Europe GmbH

13:30 – Battery Safety – Optimization of Thermal Propagation

Speaker: Dr. Jörg Kaiser, Team Leader Electronics and Electrification at FEV Europe GmbH

13:55 – Battery Management Systems – Detection and Prevention Measures of Thermal Runaway by Innovative Algorithms

Speaker: Dr. Giovanni Vagnoni, Team Leader Electronics and Electrification at FEV Europe GmbH

14:20 – FEV Generic Battery Validation Plan Focusing Environmental Testing

Speaker: Martin Hennebrüder, Team Leader Electronics & Electrification at FEV Europe GmbH

14:45 – Used Batteries from E-vehicles as Stationary Energy Storage

Speaker: Dr. Jürgen Kölch, Marketing Manager, EVA Fahrzeugtechnik GmbH

15:10 – 15:20 Summary and Conclusions

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