#ELECTRIFIED – Session 1: 360° Battery Development

Session 1: 360° Battery development

AUGUST 28, 2023 | 1:00-3:00pm PARIS (CEST) | 7:00-9:00am NEW YORK CITY (EDT) | 7:00-9:00pm BEIJING (CST)

To kick off the seminar series, in the first event “360° Battery development”, our experts will be addressing the component of the electric vehicle that is the subject of the most intense public controversy: the battery!
However, batteries are often the subject of controversial discussions, not least for safety reasons. Stories and footage of un-extinguishable electric verhicles are popping up in the media on a frequent base. In the first session of the day, our experts will therefore present the latest findings in preventing thermal propagation of conventional lithium-ion batteries, one of the causes for such fires. The long-term (also regulatory) goal is to eliminate this effect. Along the way, FEV has investigated various cell formats and cell chemistries, and developed strategies and processes to minimize hazards to vehicle occupants in the event of damage.

The electrochemical effects that may lead to the occurrence of such fires are to be practically eliminated in the batteries of the next. These solid-state batteries (SSBs), are expected to have the potential to become a game changer in mobility and also in the storage of surplus electricity from renewable sources.

Another discussion often raised in the context of electromobility is the issue of sustainability. Are lithium-ion batteries really as eco-friendly as is widely assumed in the discourse? What happens to batteries that have reached the end of their life cycle? Recycling is the preferred approach here, and one that is being concretely advanced at the political level. For example, the announced directive COM/2020/798 will require battery manufacturers across the EU to define fixed recycling rates and oblige them to use certain amounts of recycled material in their products. In any case, the cost efficiency of battery recycling is a critical issue that has significant implications for OEMs, battery manufacturers and electric vehicle operators. To understand the cost structure of battery recycling, FEV conducted a detailed analysis: In the concluding session of the first day, our experts will use detailed cost calculations to show how recyclates can both reduce costs but also significantly reduce the use of fresh raw materials.

Join the FEV online seminar and we will provide insightful answers to these and other challenging questions, accompanied by an open discussion.

Dr. Jürgen Dohmen
Program Manager Electric Powertrain at FEV Europe GmbH
1:00 pm Paris (CEST)Welcome and opening speech of Dr. Jürgen Dohmen
1:05 pm Paris (CEST)Stop thermal propagation – A solution for safe battery design?
Speaker: Rüdiger Beykirch, Team Leader Electronics and Electrification at FEV Europe GmbH
1:30 pm Paris (CEST)High-end sustainable battery pack concept with solid-state cells
Speaker: Florian Pampel, Research Associate at FEV Europe GmbH
2:00 pm Paris (CEST)Battery E/E architecture and their impact on BMS
Speaker: Charlotte Schöpges, Team Leader Battery E/E and BMS at FEV Europe GmbH
2:25 pm Paris (CEST)Will Li-Ion battery recycling ever become cost effective?
Speaker: Markus Volkening, Manager at FEV Consulting GmbH
2:55 pm Paris (CEST)Summary and conclusions

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