#ELECTRIFIED – Session 2: Highly Efficient Electric Drive Units (EDU)

Session 2: Highly efficient electric drive units

AUGUST 30, 2023 | 1:00-3:00PM PARIS (CEST) | 7:00-9:00AM NEW YORK CITY (EDT) | 7:00-9:00PM BEIJING (CST)

After the close look at the energy storage systems at the start of our online seminar series “#ELECTRIFIED Powertrains and vehicle integration – Full charge engineering competence at FEV”, we will now examine the electric powertrains in the second part. Where is there untapped potential for making tomorrow’s mobility even more efficient and attractive? What framework conditions can and must be created for this? In the context of “Highly efficient EDUs,” our experts shed light on individual key components such as the bearings, the behavior of oil-cooled electric motors, and the NVH behavior of different powertrain elements.

The electric motor plays a crucial role in the entire vehicle when considering energy loss. In recent years, this component has undergone significant evolution in the pursuit of ever higher performance and high reliability. The continuous increase in performance has also resulted in new cooling concepts. Our engineers have investigated the effects of friction losses due to oil in combined simulation and bench tests and will present these findings in the second session of the day.

Another aspect of the overall electric vehicle system is NVH, i.e. the acoustic behavior of the powertrain and the vehicle as a whole. In comparison to conventional powertrains, electric vehicles generate novel and unfamiliar noises. To enhance customer acceptance, these phenomena need to be understood and addressed in the best possible way. In this lecture, our engineers present the use of FEV-EDSL (electric drive sound level), a novel test-based methodology, through actual case studies.

To finish the day, our experts will address the question of how to successfully tackle the validation and homologation of the entire e-drive train. The increasing integration of different powertrain components promises immense efficiency and cost improvements on the one hand, but also brings high challenges for testing at system level due to the increasing complexity.

Join the FEV online seminar and we will provide insightful answers to these and other challenging questions, accompanied by an open discussion.

Stefan Wolters
Product Manager Electric Drive Unit and Transmission System at FEV Group GmbH
1:00 pm Paris (CEST)Welcome and opening speech of Stefan Wolters
1:05 pm Paris (CEST)Efficient high speed bearing systems in e-Powertrain
Speaker: Stefan Wolters, Product Manager Electric Drive Unit and Transmission System at FEV Group GmbH
1:30 pm Paris (CEST)Simulation and measurement of oil flow in rotor/stator gap
Speaker: Rüdiger Beykirch, Team Leader Electronics and Electrification at FEV Europe GmbH
2:00 pm Paris (CEST)EDU NVH development and vehicle NVH integration active sound design for BEV applications
Speaker: Ralph Fleuren, Product Manager at FEV Europe GmbH
2:25 pm Paris (CEST)E-powertrain system validation and homologation
Speaker: Andreas Küsters, Department Manager Electric Powertrain at FEV Europe GmbH
2:55 pm Paris (CEST)Summary and conclusions

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