#ELECTRIFIED – Session 3: Battery integration and potential for recycled aluminum

Session 3: Battery integration and potential for recycled aluminum

SEPTEMBER 1, 2023 | 1:00-2:00PM PARIS (CEST) | 7:00-8:00AM NEW YORK CITY (EDT) | 7:00-8:00PM BEIJING (CST)

In the final part of our online seminar series, our experts will focus on the integration of battery in the electric vehicle. A special focus in this session will be on the topics of circular economy and recycling in the entire vehicle development process.

In BEVs, the integration of traction batteries into the vehicle body offers the potential to improve the overall vehicle design package by reducing redundant structures. The structural performance can be improved in terms of stiffness by a robust battery pack concept with a high degree of integration into the overall vehicle architecture. In their presentation, Christian Kürten and his team address different levels of integration and introduce the concept of Cell2Chassis including the general trend towards full integration.

The day will conclude with a presentation from our development partner Impression Technologies (ITL) from the United Kingdom on the progress made so far in a project to investigate recycled alloys. Working together, FEV and ITL have been looking at ways for OEMs to reduce the carbon content of aluminum structures, and are showing ways in which low carbon, and low environmental impact, car body parts can be produced for electric vehicles.

Join the FEV online seminar and we will provide insightful answers to these and other challenging questions, accompanied by an open discussion.

Christian Kürten
Managing Director at FEV Vehicle GmbH
1:00 pm Paris (CEST)Welcome and opening speech of Christian Kürten
1:05 pm Paris (CEST)Case study for vehicle architecture
HFQ technology concept for battery housing
Speaker: Yannick Offermanns, Project Engineer at FEV Vehicle GmbH
1:30 pm Paris (CEST)Enabling reduced embedded carbon high strength HFQ aluminium lightweight structures
Speaker: Adrian Tautscher, Principal Technical Specialist – Sustainability & Circular Economy Lead at Impression Technologies Ltd
2:00 pm Paris (CEST)Summary and conclusions

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