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Future Large Bore

Climate change and the related efforts to reduce or avoid greenhouse gas emissions represent one of the most significant challenges of our time. Looking to the future, all applications of internal combustion engines will be assessed from this point of view, which will lead to various changes, including the design of future large engines. Well-known trends such as increasing power density and efficiency, including the use of defossilized fuels, will continue to shape large engine development and contribute significantly to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

FEV’s expert seminar series for large engines in June 2021 will focus on the future of these engines and the most relevant development trends to help industry professionals make the right business decisions and stay ahead of their competitors.

The Asian editions of our Large Bore Series will go live in late summer 2021. Please revisit this page later for further information.

Future Large Bore
Maximilian Bierl

June 8: High Speed Engines

Stefano Ghetti

June 10: Medium Speed Engines

Dieter van der Put

June 15: Advanced Methods for Large Engines