Worldwide Legislation and Compliance – Session 1

FEV’s view on worldwide legislation & compliance


May 11, 2022: 1:00-3:00pm Paris (CEST) | 7:00-9:00am New York City (EDT) | 7:00-9:00pm Beijing (CST)

Technical compliance has become a critical part of the automotive industry as a whole. Regulations serve to drive efforts in a particular direction, though they often do describe how; however cannot describe every aspect in sufficient detail. Because of this, we, as the industry, must act, both to follow the laws, as well as to fulfill their promise in the technical arena. Organizations must find ways to cope with the ever-growing demands, and embrace new technical and process related concepts, along with practices to ensure their success.

Join the FEV online seminar and we will provide insightful answers to these and other challenging questions, accompanied by an open discussion.

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Dr. Stefan Trampert
Group Vice President Technical Compliance at FEV Group GmbH
1:00 pm Paris (CEST)Welcome
1:05 pm Paris (CEST)What is a Technical Compliance Management system?
Speaker: Max Berchtenbreiter, Project Engineer at FEV Europe GmbH
1:30 pm Paris (CEST)Compliance organization structure in modern automotive companies, are you ready?
Speaker: Sören Marggraf, Team Leader Motor & Hybrid Powertrains at FEV Europe GmbH
2:00 pm Paris (CEST)Compliance: Industry best practices explained
Speaker: Oliver Gottschalk, Senior Consultant at FEV Consulting GmbH
2:25 pm Paris (CEST)Lifecycle compliance – CO2 footprint
Speaker: Dr. Hagen Wegner, Principal at FEV Consulting GmbH
2:55 pm Paris (CEST)Summary and conclusions

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