Conference Program


As a Special Edition, this year’s 7TH INTERNATIONAL FEV CONFERENCE on ZERO CO₂ MOBILITY will be held in Berlin, Germany from November 07-08, 2023. The event provides a platform for strategic discussion on the potential and performance of different zero CO₂ emission strategies and will showcase the latest developments in battery technologies, fuel cells and e-fuels. Please register online to secure your ticket and stay updated on changes to the conference content.

Download the Zero CO₂ Mobility 2023 Call for Papers

Download the conference program of the past Zero CO₂ Mobility 2022


Zero CO2 Mobility

The role of electricity, hydrogen and eFuels to achieve net zero

  • Where does our regenerative energy come from?
  • Charging and fueling requirements
  • Energy storage in vehicles – H2 and batteries
  • Panel: How to largely decrease dependency on fossil
    energy carriers by 2030?
  • Sustainable vehicle production, operation and recycling
  • Strategies for heavy duty road trucks
  • Zero CO2 energy carriers for non-road, aviation and marine
  • Impact of techno- and socio-economic developments on
    zero CO2 mobility
  • Smart and shared mobility concepts for sustainable cities


Norbert Alt
FEV Group

Thomas Hülshorst
FEV Group

Margriet Van Schijndel-de Nooij
Technische Universiteit Eindhoven / EARPA

Christoph Balzer
Shell AG

Ralf Weber
Volkswagen AG

Christof Schernus
FEV Europe

Andreas Rupieper
ITM Linde Electrolysis GmbH

Benedikt Heuser
FEV Group

Gaetano de Paola
IFP Energies nouvelles

Thorsten Schnorbus
FEV Europe

Thomas Lüdiger
FEV Consulting