Worldwide Legislation and Compliance – Session 4

FEV’s view on worldwide legislation & compliance

Session 4: Zero CO2, Regulating BEV & Fuel Cell

June 8, 2022: 1:00-3:00pm Paris (CEST) | 7:00-9:00am New York City (EDT) | 7:00-9:00pm Beijing (CST)

Regulations are rapidly driving us towards zero CO2 future, free of tailpipe emissions. But what is the regulatory status of the battery-electric and fuel-cell powered vehicles coming into the market as a complement to the ICE? Numerous focus topics are being developed by legislators and many new standards will soon come in focus in these fast-growing areas; from realistic range estimation to compatibility of fast charging concepts and battery degradation.

These topics, as well as many other similar considerations, will affect the development and adoption of these upcoming vehicles. FEV can support you on developing the answers to those questions and many others in this area.

Join the FEV online seminar and we will provide insightful answers to these and other challenging questions, accompanied by an open discussion.

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Dr. Michael Stapelbroek
Vice President Electronics and Electrification at FEV Europe GmbH
1:00 pm Paris (CEST)Welcome
1:05 pm Paris (CEST)Legislation in the zero-CO2 domain, is range the new rule?
Speaker: Jasper Hennings, Project Engineer at FEV Europe GmbH
1:30 pm Paris (CEST)Standardization of fast charging points – Unlock the full potential of battery electric mobility
Speaker: Johannes Maiterth, FEV Europe GmbH
2:00 pm Paris (CEST)No propagation of batteries, legislation driven safety goal and solution
Speaker: Felix Elsner, Graduate Research Associate at TME, RWTH Aachen University
2:25 pm Paris (CEST)The hydrogen future, what about legal aspects?
Speaker: Dr. Markus Jesser, Team Leader Fuel Cell at FEV Europe GmbH
2:55 pm Paris (CEST)Summary and conclusions

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